Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, 1974-2004

Terri Luanna Mountainborne Robinson da Silva, daughter of Spider and the late Jeanne Robinson, is now in The Undiscovered Country, occurring Friday, December 5th, 2014, at the age of 40 years, due to Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (which she described as "the most common form of breast cancer"). Waiting for their time to greet her again are her father Spider Robinson, her husband Heron da Silva, her daughter Marissa ("Miss M"), and a huge extended family of relatives and intimate friends, as well as many, many more distant friends around the world.

The announcement came from Laurie O'Neal ("Auntie L") on Terri's WordPress weblog about her life with cancer, "gracefulwomanwarrior" [ http :// gracefulwomanwarrior . com ], and on her Facebook page [ https :// www. facebook . com / pages / Gracefulwomanwarrior / 247095598695612 ] (remove spaces to access the links, of course).

With the name Luanna Mountainborne, she was depicted as dancing on Luna in 1/6 gravity in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert A. Heinlein.

A crowdfunding request for her medical expenses is at [ https :// www . youcaring . com / medical - fundraiser / terri - s - stage - 4 - cancer - fight / 269274 ]

A crowdfunding request for her memorial is at [ http :// www . gofundme . com / icqknk ]

(Again, remove spaces to access the links.)

This information comes from openly accessible web pages and public announcements, no confidences are being violated.
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Luna Free State flag, yet again

 Since updated topics aren't "bumped" automatically, I'm posting this anew. The flag design is probably as finished as I'm going to get it. See http://waternest.livejournal.com/94190.html?view=767726#t767726 for details.

Got a price from custompatches.net for embroidering 2x3 inch sew-on patches: 6 for $13.14 each, 12 for $7.33 each. Not sure if that includes shipping or not. 12x18 single-sided flags $45 each from northstarflags.com; double-sided "boat" flag $75; 2x3 foot boat flag $227. These are all single-quantity prices, it goes down for multiples of 3. Anybody want to go in with me on an order?
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leroy's toast

New bio

Anyone read the new bio of RAH, Robert A. Heinlein by William H. Patterson, Jr.?

I just finished it, and I liked it well enough to buy it.  It's only volume I of II, and I'm really looking forward to the next edition.  

A few suspicions were confirmed, a couple of misconceptions corrected, and a few hopes confirmed.  I loved it!

Now I'm off reading earlier bios & criticisms of The Master.

For Us, The Living

My father is a HUGE Heinlein fan. He did not like For Us, The Living. And he actually understood most of it.

I am a HUGE Heinlein fan. I hate For Us, The Living, because I didn't understand a lot of it.

I gave it to my best friend who has never read a Heinlein novel, EVER. And I know, it's the WORST book to give to someone to introduce them to Heinlein. HOWEVER, it was her gift for getting her masters in economics.

She LOVES the book (and understood it). And has no interest in any other Heinleins.

I <3 Heinlein.